Whether it be for an odd pipe size, or a nontypical wall thickness, or an unusual sweep radius, mitred elbows solve piping problems for many different industrial applications. In most circumstances, that defacto standard for mitred long radius 9os is a five piece miter. If the application is low velocity gas or venting, a two or three piece 90 can prove to save dollars. If the pipeline is pushing heavy solids, or high velocity fluids, the customer may prefer going the direction of a 7.9 or 13 piece mitred 90.


Much of the price is dictated by the number of gores (segments) that comprise the elbow. The more segments, the smoother the flow. However, fewer segments means less welding which translates


  • Manufactured to the specs and tolerances of ASTM A774.
  • Custom dimensions available upon request.
  • Available in 304L, 316L, 317L, carbon steel or other materials upon request.
  • Available in odd degrees, atypical radius, unusual center-to-end dimensions.
  • Available ends include butweld, beveled, grooved, flanged, or Van Stone.