Wear Pads

Wear pads, sometimes known as poison pads, are used to prevent metallurgical contamination of stainless pipe or tube when supported by carbon steel pipe hangers, cradles, or pipe stands.
They are made to order as customers have a wide range of preference for thickness, length, and radius.
Dimensional data at right is a guide, a starting point for identifying customer requirements and ordering.

ATr (IPS)r (OD)
1 1/2616ga (.065)0.950.75
2616ga (.065)1.191.00
2 1/2616ga (.065)1.441.25
3614ga (.083)1.751.50
4614ga (.083)2.252.00
5614ga (.083)2.782.50
6614ga (.083)3.313.0
8614ga (.083)4.314.0
10612ga (.109)5.385.0
12612ga (.109)6.386.0
141211ga (.120)7.07.0
161211ga (.120)8.08.0
181211ga (.120)9.09.0
201211ga (.120)1010
241211ga (.120)1212

Other thickness (T), lengths (A), and radii available upon request.

  • Manufactured from ASTM A240 stainless steel sheet.
  • Available in 304L, 316L, other materials by request.
  • Options include length (A), radius (r), and thickness (T).