By taking advantage of our boundless dedication to customer needs, a packing equipment manufacturer discovered the significant capability Appleton Stainless offers over the competition. We were contracted to manufacture multi-port manifolds with Tri-Clamps connections and polished to 32RA to be used in a sanitary extruding process. Application of our core competencies allowed us to deliver this product in under three weeks.

Throughout the manufacturing phase we worked closely with the customer, determining how their proprietary requirements could be best applied. The tube manifolds to be manufactured measured 2″ diameter tube on the run with 1/2″ tube on branches, staggered to allow easy clamping access, and specified 316L stainless steel with inner and outer finishes of 32RA. We opted to fabricate via a series of high-precision processes, including cutting, coping, TIG welding, hydro-ing and polishing. Pickling and passivation were also applied to ensure a smooth, clean, and corrosion-free surface.

All tube manifold units were manufactured and delivered within a short window of less than three weeks with each exceeding the quality standards set by the customer. Thanks to our extensive portfolio of challenging and unconventional projects, we were able to resolutely succeed where other steel fabricators had struggled or failed. Where some companies spend almost three weeks quoting this, we were finished and shipped within that time.

To learn more about this exciting project, see the table below or contact Appleton Stainless directly.

Tube Manifolds Highlights

Project Name
12-port TriClamp Tube Manifolds
Project Description
Manufacture of specialty packaging equipment.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
TIG Welding
Pickling & Passivation
Hydrostatic testing
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Saws, TIG Welder, Various Proprietary Polishing Tools
Overall Part Dimensions
2" OD run x 4-1/2" long; 1/2" OD branches x 8" OAL
Tightest Tolerances
+/- .010", angles +/- 1º
Material Used
Material Finish
32ra ID, 32ra OD
In process testing/inspection performed
Confirming polish with profilometer; hydro to 1000 psig
Industry for Use
Computer Chip Manufacturing
Delivery/Turnaround Time
3 weeks
Delivery Location
Standards Met
To Customer's Proprietary Requirements